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Blade Tenderization Systems

The T-MAX series with its unique design are the most user friendly needle tenderizer on the market. Excellent hygienic design and sanitation ease were major focus points during this machines development.

The tenderizer is ideally suited for any in-line applications which may have both tenderized and non-tenderized products coming down the line. With the push of a button you can change from “tenderizer mode” to “conveyor mode”, completely by-passing the needles simply and easily.

If placed in-line after your injector, the tenderizer can play an important role in overall process improvement. The injection process goal is to have as much of the solution in the meat prior to the next process step. The effect of excessive “free liquid” may in many cases, impair and lengthen your remaining process steps, and ultimately the finished product quality. Instead of carrying this free solution onto the next process step, Excess non-injected or purging brine (pickle) is recovered and transferred back to your injector.

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