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Polar Vacuum Loading System

Polar 6" and 8" Vacuum Load Systems

Finally, vacuum loading that is fast, efficient and absolutely sanitary

The new industry standard in vacuum loading technology. Wolf-tec manufactures the industry’s only full-port 6″ and 8″ sanitary vacuum valves. Our vacuum valve and connection systems are designed to provide you with the highest levels of hygiene.

Built entirely of polished stainless steel, our systems can be completely disassembled quickly and simply without any tools. Daily cleaning is easily accomplished, ensuring total hygiene. All welds are ground flush and the entire product contact area is polished smooth to reduce any risk of microbial attachments. The modular design of these valves allow you to use them stand alone or as a complete “system.” Both 1-way and 2-way (Y) valve assemblies are available. The unique 2-way valve provides the advantage of allowing a single bin to be used to load multiple systems. By stacking valves, a single bin can load 2, 4, 6 and even 8 systems. The result is reduced manpower and minimum floor space requirements.

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