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Polar Massager Technology

Produce better, more uniform products with the Polar Massager

Repeatable results

The Polar Massager features a menu driven control system which allows you to run a preset program for any number of products at the push of a button. The Polar Massager delivers a consistent product – batch after batch, year after year.

Contact surfaces

All contact surfaces are ground flush and hand polished to a mirror finish ensuring safe and total hygiene. There are no shortcuts at Wolf-tec, especially when food safety depends on it. The temperature control jacket surrounds the vessel providing quick and even thermal control. A 90% fill capacity along with a stationary design requires half the floor space of a conventional tumbler.

The non-rotating vessel provides infinitely more safety to your employees, and the ergonomic design allows for easy inline loading and unloading, and best of all, maintenance is extremely simple and minimal.

No detail overlooked

Every part of the process has been thought through. Secondary ingredients can be added mid-cycle through an independent port without having to stop the process, release the vacuum, or open the door, saving overall processing time and money!

From top to bottom, inside and out, every piece and component that makes up a Polar Massager is engineered utilizing the newest technology and smartest design innovations.

Our Temperature Guidance System ensures the fastest ham processing.

The Polar Massager features our patented Temperature Guidance System, which provides the perfect environment for your product. It applies heating or cooling exactly when needed to manipulate the internal temperature of the meat. This provides the fastest protein extraction, quickest massage times, and reduced curing hold times, all while preserving product quality.

The Polar Massager is available in numerous capacities and options.

Please contact us so we can learn more about your exact production needs and operation. We would be delighted to provide you with detailed information based on your requirements, which substantiates improvement to your current operation and products.

Improve your process. Contact Wolf-tec today for more information.

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