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Polar Massager 18500

Produce better, more uniform products with the Polar Massager

Capacity: approx. 18500 lbs. / 8400 kg.

The principal purpose of massaging is to guarantee fast and homogenous formulation and, if necessary, to develop particular qualities in the product such as salt- soluble protein extraction. Massaging is necessary to achieve water holding capacity and the binding of muscles in cooked products.

Massaging has much less effect on meat structure compared to mixers and blenders. Food does not undergo pure stress when massaged. Nonetheless, the massaging process tumbles food and must be practiced with care. If the structure of the product has to be protected, it is recommended that the rotational velocity and torque speed are kept to a minimum. Wolf-tec has decades of experience and developed the leading Polar technology, which provides 100% process control producing the most consistent and highest yielding product possible.

The glycol jacketed Polar Massager has chilling capabilities to stimulate protein dissolving for a stable water-protein system. Simply, a better product with higher moisture retention. Wolf-tec’s patented interior paddle design creates maximum mechanical stimulation, resulting in more tender products and lower purge in package without product damage. Complimenting the paddle action is the vacuum environment. Vacuum relieves the product of atmospheric pressure, which allows the marinade to more easily penetrate and distribute throughout the product.

The PM18500 is ideal for large processes. Like all Polar Massagers’ it features the latest technology and is equipped with PolarVision Process Monitoring to provide you with the peace of mind to deliver product consistency and repeatability, batch after batch, day after day.

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