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PDM100 and PDH100

Polar Dissolver Brine System - Mixing and Chilling

The Polar Dissolver Brine System is the first step to smarter processing. Dissolving ingredients correctly and precisely is key, and often the first step in many food processing applications – from injection and massaging to tumbling and marination.

Our Dissolvers range from basic configurations to completely customized and fully automated systems.

The systems include the following equipment:

  • Dissolvers and mixers
  • Holding tanks
  • Heat exchangers

The Polar Dissolver 100 is a mixing tank designed to mix, chill and transport brines and marinades. It dissolves ingredients under precisely controlled conditions so that the solution will have the best possible impact on your product, while giving you batch-after-batch consistency. A companion holding tank is also available to store and transfer solutions in combination with the mixing tank.

Capacity: approx. 100 gallons / 380 liters

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