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IMAX 620

Walking Beam Injector

Capacity up to 25,000 lbs./hr. – 11300 kg./hr.

The IMAX 620 series injector is the largest “walking beam” style system in our program offering extreme high production rates. The exclusively designed brine path and “multi-point” needle manifold entry system allow for the fastest, most effective and exact brine delivery available to your product.

The reliability and soundness of the mechanical design and components found in our IMAX systems has redefined a benchmark for reduced long-term cost of ownership in our industry. The external brine path and pump permit you to access the entire system in minutes giving you the piece of mind needed with regards to food safety. Performance and hygienic design were fundamental development goals in its evolution. Compare the operational and food safety advantages found in the IMAX series to our competitors, you will quickly see why the IMAX is the leading choice for injection processes throughout the world.

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