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Chicken Injector

Capacity up to 20000 lbs./hr. – 9100 kg./hr.

The IMAX 600P Chicken Injector has been optimized specifically for chicken marination applications. It is the industry’s most advanced injector designed specifically for chicken marination. It is a superior injector with versatility and affordability to match. It can handle everything from WOG’s to cut-up to boneless meats. The 600P offers unparalleled injection distribution, consistency and reliability. You will produce a higher quality product with increased yields and the highest levels of production.

In engineering the 600P we studied chicken marination applications around the world along with comprehensive research on applied fluid technologies. No detail was too small, no potential benefit was overlooked. The result is a highly flexible injector capable of processing a complete range if chicken products – and a solution that allows you to easily expand your product line.

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