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CCPX-Pack machines are intended for inspection of packaged products.

CCPX-Pack series is designed specifically for the challenging needs of Critical Control Point (CCP) deployment. Two unique features, one-button setup and plug-n-play modular architecture, provide customers with total control of their equipment.
System highlights

CCPX™ architecture eliminates the need for highly trained personnel to maintain and setup
HyperSwitch™ software allows mixed product and multilane inspection.
HyperSwitch Bene software automates setup for contaminant and weight inspection.
Random product spacing and orientation.
Conveyor and processing speeds up to 200 FPM or 600 packages/minute.
Full square tunnel aperture coverage with no missed product corners.
USB memory stick for spreadsheet formatted reports and software upgrades.
Ethernet interface for Internet Live support, software maintenance, and diagnostics.
IP66 with closed system A/C cooling
Conveyor belt is FDA approved and can be easily removed for cleaning with no tools
Integrated air-blast, add-on drop or push-arm rejecter mechanism
Small footprint in 100% stainless-steel construction
IP69K Infrared touch screen for full pressure cleaning and scratch immunity

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