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Hamax 800

Hamax 800

Whole Muscle Stuffer

The Hamax 800 was developed for stuffing larger muscles (such as loins) directly into artificial casings. The Hamax offers a fast and efficient operating procedure, which until now has been very labor intense and time consuming. It becomes even more efficient when working with pre-shirred casing and combined with a double clipping system, to eliminate pre-clipped individual casings.

The products are loaded into the pressing chamber. The chamber “mold” is fitted to your products allowing them to be compressed and formed in shape. It is then stuffed thru the horn assembly and pushed into the casings. If connected to a double clipper, a position sensor signals that the proper length has been met before clipping the product and retracting the hydraulic piston for the next cycle. If fitted with the optional “cut-off” knife, whole muscle product can still maintain exact length requirements.

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Hamax 800