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The Polar Flex Carve Macerator features so many improvements and advantages over other models that it sets a whole new standard for macerator technology. Simply stated, the Polar Flex Carve shreds the competition.

The Polar Flex Carve is used to precondition all types of meat and poultry products prior to massaging, tumbling or other further processing. The Flex Carve cuts uniform slices into the meat surface to greatly increase the surface area of the meat. The increased surface area improves protein extraction, brine absorption, and product binding, which all result in a very consistent product with significantly higher yields.

It can handle all types of meat and poultry products, from thin chicken breasts to thick pork and beef muscles. There is no other macerator equipped to provide the ultimate in control and flexibility to suit all of your product challenges. Improve your process and profitability with the Polar Flex Carve. Contact Wolf-tec today.

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