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3 decades + 5 continents + 14 patents + 5 awards + 165 experts =
1 authority for the entire processing industry: an infinite amount of possibilities

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A Patent on the Process

  • April 1994

    Method of inhibiting bacterial growth in meat

    Patent #5,302,406

    A method of inhibiting bacterial growth in meat wherein a citrate salt, preferably sodium citrate, is introduced into the meat.

  • Nov. 1994

    Method of processing freshly slaughtered fowl

    Patent #5,362,507

    A process to eliminate “aging time” for broilers after slaughtering.

  • April 1995

    Method of and apparatus for treating meat

    Patent #5,405,630

    An innovative way to control the massager paddle’s rotational torque to increase water-holding capacity without causing damage to meat tissues.

  • July 1995

    Method of inhibiting bacterial growth in meat and meat products

    Patent #5,436,017

    A technique of introducing buffered sodium citrate to inhibit bacteria growth.

  • Sept. 1995

    Differential injection of poultry

    Patent #5,449,524

    A new way to inject similar — or even different — solutions into whole birds at a higher injection level in the breast portion, as compared to the leg portions, all during the same pass through the injector.

  • April 1996

    Differential injection of poultry parts

    Patent #5,505,972

    A further improvement on the process of injecting the differential amounts of similar or different solutions into poultry breast meat, versus leg or dark meat pieces, simultaneously.

  • Oct. 1996

    Meat massaging machine

    Patent #5,564,332

    The introduction of a revolutionary paddle design for an in-line massaging system for manufacturing processed meat.

  • Oct. 1999

    Method of and apparatus for treatment of meat

    Patent #5,972,398

    An in-line meat macerating/massaging process, whereby meat is incised as it is drawn under vacuum through the massager’s loading port.

  • Sept. 2000

    Method of packaging meat

    Patent #6,113,959

    A system in which meat products injected with a base marinade are placed in a tray-type package, covered with added seasoning, then sealed.

  • Dec. 2003

    Method of and apparatus for processing PSE meat

    Patent #6,662,712 B2

    Pale, soft and exudative parts of bodies of meat are rendered substantially indistinguishable from other parts of the meat bodies by massaging a brine or marinade into the meat utilizing a paddle massager.

  • April 2004

    Method of and apparatus for the processing of meat

    Patent #6,730,341

    A new method of improving water holding capacity of meat by agitating the product at an alleged temperature with the processing solution and by maintaining the agitation temperature with precision.

  • April 2009

    Method of processing of meat

    Patent #7,524,520 B2

    A method by which the water holding capacity of meat is improved by agitating the meat at an elevated temperature with the processing solution and by maintaining the temperature with precision.

  • Jan. 2010

    Method for recycling liquids for treating food

    Patent #7,645,472 B2

    A return liquid containing particles resulting from treating food is treated to reduce the size of the particles and recycled for further food treatment.

  • July 2014

    Macerator having automated roller spacing control

    Patent #8,764,523

    An automatic adjustment mechanism for adjusting the position of a roller disposed within the macerator.


About Us

We Build Solutions, Not Just Machines

What began as a single man with entrepreneurial spirit and a dream has evolved into a company leader in providing equipment and services to the largest food processors in the world.

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Wolf-tec, Inc. celebrates an over 35-year commitment to quality and innovation—built on a firm foundation of hard work and dedication to being one of the industry’s finest.

Most folks eventually find a path to take them on life’s journey. But a handful of pioneers blaze their own trails and leave a legacy greater than their individual achievements.

Such a man is the founder of Wolf-tec, Inc., Wolf Ludwig, recognized in many quarters as one of the most knowledgeable— and personable—supplier company executives in the business. In 1977, Wolf began a business destined to become one of the industry’s elite suppliers in a garage in upstate New York with $1,000 and the dream of helping processors achieve the highest quality and efficiency possible.

Those who have encountered Wolf’s often larger-than-life personality respect two things about him: his intuitive understanding of meat processing and his lifelong passion for the people who manufacture the meat products unique to the industry.

The first trait is a gift, and one that Wolf has applied to every aspect of the company he founded. The second he traces back to an apprenticeship in his native Germany, where, as a young boy, he trained for years to become a master butcher.

“It wasn’t always easy; there was so much to learn,” Wolf relates. “But I developed a real enthusiasm for the business and a love for the art and science of making meat products.”

That training provided the foundation for Wolf’s company and his dedication to supplying the best in equipment and technology to the meat industry.

After working for a number of years in Germany to perfect his skills, Wolf brought his family to the United States in the late 1960s. He was 23, and spoke hardly any English, but he was filled with confidence that he could succeed in America.

“I had two children and a wife to support, but I knew with my training I could make it in the meat industry,” he recalls.

Wolf worked more than a decade as a sausage maker and equipment territory sales manager. By 1977, he pooled his limited resources and founded Wolf-tec as an importer of further processing machines.

“I worked for some of the top companies in the industry, but after a number of years I felt I’d reached a plateau,” Wolf admits. “I wanted to build my own business based on what is important to me—service, quality, integrity and technology.”

Over the years, New York-based Wolf-tec became famous as much for its technological break-troughs as for its after-sale services. In fact, despite the nearly two dozen patents the company has received over the years, Wolf insists that the science supporting Wolf-tec processing equipment is as important as any of the machinery the company manufactures today.

“The goal of meat processing is achieving batch-to-batch consistency,” he says. “But that’s not easy. There are always variables in raw materials and ingredients, and few ‘masters’ who truly understand meat science. “

For more than three decades, Wolf and his sons Ralf and Peter, who both completed machine building apprenticeships in Germany and trained with some of Europe’s most well-known meat industry manufacturers and are now CEO and President, respectively, built the business on developing equipment and processing systems to control the countless variables involved in meat and poultry processing — from injection through massaging/tumbling, and plan to take it even further.

“With our Polar Technology, we developed a system that gives processors the kind of precise control —and predictable results — that the master butcher used to produce,” Wolf explains.

Those results are on display throughout the Wolf-tec organization, in its machinery, its service department and, most importantly, in the meat products its customers produce and market.

“We pride ourselves on manufacturing processing equipment that offers a real difference,” Ralf says. “Throughout all of our engineering and during installations, we focus on providing solutions to our customers’ problems.

“From unsurpassed cleanability, to precision performance, to 24/7 service and support, we offer our knowledge of the business and our technical expertise to help processors consistently manufacture high quality products.”

That legacy is one that Wolf-tec has nurtured for over 35 years—and one that will guide the company in the coming decades as well. As Wolf puts it, “We never wanted to be the biggest supplier company in the business—just the best.”

About Us


When looking towards the future, Ralf commits to Wolf-tec “continuing its rich heritage of developing the best solutions for our customers and staying at the forefront with industry specific know-how and expertise.

“Our guiding principles of innovativeness, quality and service combined with the recognition and reputation we have earned over the past decades, are providing us with a solid foundation we can build upon to endeavor new challenging markets and deliver ever more complex and perfected equipment that will exceed customer expectations.”

Wolf-tec’s culture puts emphasis on customer-driven innovation by working closely with customer’s development teams and by collaborating with top universities to understand future needs and to create valuable business results.

“Encouraging a culture of innovation, continuous research and improvement processes on systems and machines, understanding our customer’s processes like no other and discovering new ground breaking solutions,” Ralf says, “are fundamental elements in our strategy that we take very serious in order to deliver promised results and the industry’s best solutions.

“We are optimistic for the future as we continue to ‘build solutions, not just machines’ for our customers.”

Wolf-tec. Passion. Experience. Results.


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