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Wolfgang Peter Ludwig broke ground on September 13th, 1977, on the company that now bears his name. He immigrated to the United States just 10 years before in 1967, with his wife Ursel and two young boys. He came driven by big dreams of America at the young age of 21, a German meat apprentice who learned his trade in a small Black Forest town near Baden-Baden, Germany. He used his knowledge and intense interest in meat processing to begin his journey into the unknown US market. After a decade of learning the language while working for processors and suppliers in America, he felt it was time to begin another journey. This journey began with 1-man and a dream of becoming a leading company, able to provide his customers with products and services that were better then they had ever experienced before.


The background and passion of our founder and his sons is, and remains, meat processing. When one has passion for something, it induces excitement, creativity, commitment, and most of all, innovation. Simply put, one is always thinking, how can it be done better? This innovation is evident in the numerous patents, industry awards and customer awards which Wolf-tec has received. Our continued growth and success is based on these important principles and our owners' philosophy. View our recent 25 year supplement as seen in MM&T Magazine.




     Wolf Ludwig in 1962 (18) before his journey to America.      Founder and Chairman


Peter Ludwig, Principal owner and COO (left) and Ralf Ludwig, Principal Owner and CEO (right)

Today, we remain driven to be the best. This goal is evident in all of our facilities, our people, and in the products and technologies that we offer. Although our success began in North America, we have quickly become recognized as an innovation and service company throughout the world with installations in Latin America, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.


In 1984, his sons Ralf and Peter returned to the U.S. after several years of education and training as machine builders in Europe. Their formal education was in the German cities of Kiel (North of Hamburg) and Esslingen am Nectar (Outside of Stuttgart), while further post school training was carried out at some of Europe’s most well known meat industry manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland.


Over nearly three decades, our founders dream has evolved from a single man with entrepreneurial spirit into a world renowned enterprise. We have become one of the most recognized companies in the world with subsidiaries and affiliates totaling a combined employee staff of over 165 people to service our customers.


In 2002 we established business ventures in South America to insure optimum support capabilities for this important market sector. In 2004 we strengthened our global position further by becoming share holders in SCHRÖDER MASCHINENBAU KG of Germany.

Continued growth and success is inevitable. Wolf-tec and all of its affiliates remain extremely focused and dedicated to our industry. It is a major reason why our customers recognize us as "the best possible business partners". Specializing in our field allows us to supply un-compromised equipment of the highest possible standards for performance, efficiency, and reliability. We provide innovative solutions in food processing including individual pieces of equipment, complete systems, and technical support. Total focus and commitment allows us to promote the well being and success of our customers and us.


Our goal remains being the most trusted and leading supplier to our industry, we will continue to create and offer processes and technologies to offer more opportunities you, our customers, backed by the best possible support available anywhere.




1977 Wolf-tec is founded

1977 Wolf-tec designs first metal detection system to perform under the adverse conditions of meat plants

1978 Introduction of the industries first whole muscle stuffer

1979 Introduction of the industries first massage blenders

1988 Wolf-tec launches the first jacketed massager concept into the North American market

1993 Wolf-tec is awarded the AMI supplier of the year for innovative equipment

1994 Wolf-tec patents a method to eliminate the necessary holding time of chickens after kill

1995 Wolf-tec begins manufacturing of the revolutionary POLAR MASSAGER in the U.S.A

1996 Introduction of the Schröder in-line injector system for integration into continuous poultry cut-up lines

1999 Wolf-tec reaches it's injector sales goals. 300 injectors sold since 1987

1999 Wolf-tec reaches its POLAR MASSAGER sales goals. 100 POLAR MASSAGER units manufactured since 1995

2002 Launch of the new Schröder IMAX generation of injectors focused on improved clean ability and food safety

2002 Newly developed temperature guidance technology is introduced to the industry on POLAR MASSAGERS

2003 PolarVision platform is developed for real-time shop floor monitoring, data collection and control

2004 Ralf & Peter Ludwig become shareholder in Schröder Maschinenbau KG www.schroeder-maschinen.de

2005 Wolf-tec and Armor Inox create a strategic partnership www.armorinox.com

2005 Wolf-tec reaches total injector sales of 600 since 1987

2005 Launch of new whole muscle stuffing system "Hamax"

2006 New macerator concept is developed and successfully introduced.

2006 Worlds most advanced and fully automated processing lines are realized with POLARVISION linking floor         operations with all aspects between front office management, further processing, raw materials & inventory         control.

2007 Wolf-tec reaches total injector sales of 750 since 1987 and over 300 POLAR MASSAGERS globally.

2009 Wolf-tec expands product range adding TVI Meat portioning solutions to its portfolio.

2009 Ralf & Peter Ludwig become shareholders TVI Entwicklung & Produktion GmbH of Germany www.tvi-gmbh.de



Founded: 1977

Ownership: Wolfgang Ludwig, Chairman

Ralf Ludwig, CEO

Peter Ludwig, COO


Sales Market Focus: US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean and U.K.

Competitive Advantage: Our passion, it drives innovation and industry leading solutions.


Manufacturer of: Polar Massager systems

Polar Dissolver Brine Mixing systems

PolarVision Control systems


Shareholders of:


SCHRÖDER MASCHINENBAU KG, located in Werther, Germany.

Food Processing system and equipment manufacturing company.


WTI, inc. , located in Jefferson, GA, USA. Specialty Company focused on product

development and manufacturing of key ingredient components in the areas of food safety,

marination and processing of meat, poultry and fish products.


TVI Entwicklung & Produktion GmbH , located in Bruckmühl, Germany is a designer and manufacturer

of innovative meat portioning solutions including solution for product crusting, freezing and advanced

product handling technologies.

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